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Who am I?

I am a husband, father and foster carer, a principal research engineer at the IT Innovation Centre (part of the University of Southampton, UK), owner of a holiday home, a founder of SPYDERISK, a Woodcraft Folk supporter, and a salsa teacher. I also spend what spare time I have left fiddling with computers and technology.

Before moving into IT research, I worked as a PostDoc writing novel chemistry simulation software, did a chemical physics PhD, a maths degree and a chemistry degree.

CV Publications

Morse Code

I wrote the first ever web page documenting Morse Code's dots and dashes back in 1995 or so. I'm not actually a ham-radio enthusiast and don't know Morse code myself but over the years I've had a lot of fun making tools to create and translate Morse. I'm still developing these tools as technology moves on.

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Unit Conversion

Again, back in the early days of the web, I documented many unit conversion factors and created a system to convert from one to another (I was studying Chemistry at the time). Although Google can do most of these conversions now, I've kept it going.

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I got into salsa dancing with Tracie's Latin Club a long time ago and qualified as a dance teacher. As part of the studying for the qualification I learnt about the salsa rhythm and made a web page with integrated drum machine to help explain it.

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Very occasionally I get time to write a blog article, mostly documenting and explaining something to do with computers and coding.

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Source Code

You can find just a few of the programming projects I'm working on on GitHub. Some of my code is not licensed though and is not there. If you are interested in licensing any of my software, do get in touch.